5 tips to build battlecards reps will actually use.

Tech 06.02.21
When battlecards are done right, your sales reps can maximize the chances of closing deals when going head-to-head with a competitor.

Battlecards have become a key tool in a sales rep’s toolbox, offering a quick summary of all the information you need about specific competitors so you’re able to focus on your strengths and where you stand out. However, when battlecards are done wrong, they will slow your reps down, they won’t get used or worst of all it will give them outdated information.

Read on to learn five tips to follow to make sure your battlecards are helpful and not a hindrance.

Tip 1: Don’t Just Fill the Space on Battlecards

If you do a Google search for “battlecard templates” or “competitive battlecards,” you’ll likely find Word docs and PDF files that are chock full of text, but your sales reps don’t need to know what your competitors had for breakfast.

Keep it short, include only the critical information, and don’t be afraid to leave a little bit of white space to make it easier to read.

Tip 2: Beware of Trends in Battlecards

Be aware of current market conditions and trends—and stay up to date on your competitors.

A battlecard isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of thing. This type of collateral requires constant updating. If you or a sales rep don’t understand your competitors, you can seem uninformed and lose credibility with prospective clients.

If you or a sales rep don’t understand your competitors, you can seem uninformed and lose credibility with prospective clients.
Tip 3: Battlecards Are No Head-to-Head Competitions

All too often, battlecards are set up like a head-to-head comparison, so your sales reps can rattle off how much better you are than the “other guy.” (Even our opening line said ‘head-to-head’)

You do want to reinforce what you do well as a company, but if you can’t discuss your competitors in a way that feels neutral, customers will see you as biased and discount your input.

4. Make Battlecards Easy to Find

If battlecards are hard to find, your sales reps won’t use them. Make them as easy to find and quick to access as possible. Store them in a central location like the CRM or Google Drive. Better yet, make them voice-activated so that a rep doesn’t even have to go looking for it.

5. Make Battlecards Measurable

Sales reps are more inclined to use battlecards if they know they’re working.

Track performance to see what your conversion and win rate is when reps use battlecards versus when they don’t. If conversions are low against a competitor, you’ll have to dig into why. If usage is low, you’ll need to find a way to make those battlecards easier to use.

If you want to learn more about how battlecards and voice-activation software can make the whole process easier for you, contact Copilot today for more information.